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Talbase is a state-of-the-art recruitment software package. Providing agencies and in-house recruiters with a highly integrated suite of tools and features at a price that's low, simple, and tailored to your needs and usage.


Candidate Management

At the heart of Talbase lies our intuitive candidate management process.

One-touch job distribution, automated applicant tracking, screening, shortlisting, and optimal placement.

Advanced Searching

Fast & accurate - no time wasted.

Powerful searching tools that will provide you with accurate matches and precise results in a fraction of the normal time of other search methods.

Job Board Posting

One-touch multi-distribution of job posts.

With one click to multiple online avenues, producing automatically aggregated responses, you can maximise exposure to the widest candidate pool with minimum effort.

Advanced Reporting

Immediate synchronised web updates and changes, allowing real-time accurate reporting.

Monitor consultants’ activities, track applicant journeys, view dashboard of vacancies and placements instantly.

Video Interviewing

State-of-the-art video interviewing to sift the ‘best from the rest’.

Using 3D avatars to ask bespoke questions. Score, rank and share your Candidate's recorded answers to shortlist the best in no-time.

CV Parsing

Search, manipulate and retrieve CVs in a pinch.

Our sophisticated conversion software automates the storage and analysis of candidate CV's - saving you hours of manual processing!

Creating a Vacancy

Recruiters understand that it’s vital to ensure they maximise the opportunity to attract and recruit the very best candidates available in the market place. Talbase offers a step-by-by step vacancy management process, from entering Job description and personal specifications, to selection and placement of Job postings across multiple media channels, making this process straight forward and trouble-free.

We found the platform remarkably simple to use. It helped us fill our vacancy in a fraction of the normal time and at very low cost. Most importantly, It identified a quality candidate without fuss or wasted energy.

Smaller Earth UK

Promoting a Vacancy

Completely integrated into Talbase is our one-click, distribution of jobs to as many jobs boards as you choose. Maximising the opportunity to promote your vacancies to the widest possible number of potential candidates. Automatically aggregated and flagged responses will improve ‘Speed to Hire’ and help to ensure you meet the exacting needs of your clients.

Shortlisting Candidates

Our highly innovative online interviewing platform will set you apart from the rest.

Our 3D Avatars will ask your questions for you. Candidates can then take their simulated ‘face-to-face’ interview in the comfort of their own home 24/7. You can then review, score and rank video responses to separate the best from the rest and provide your clients with shortlisted candidate videos, instead of the paper offering from your competition.

World Merit is about spotting potential and recruitment based on merit. We believe the online interviewing allows us to do just that in a matter of minutes.

World Merit

Placing Candidates

Sourcing, identifying and wooing the right candidate is only of value if they can be placed in a job that matches their skills and career expectations. Our powerful searching tool will provide you with exact matches and precise results.

The process was incredibly smooth and clear and I left the interview happier than any other I have ever sat." -

Zita Luiten, Candidate

Track & Optimise Process

Optimise your overall recruitment process through real-time tracking of data.

Manage relationships with candidates, clients and consultants; track job vacancies through applicant journeys to job placements; and utilise internal resources effectively through immediate access to critical KPI’s, with Talbase’s modern processes. Our streamlined Administrative control panel will help you monitor activity, ensuring focused productivity and delivering best ROI!

It was easy to use and I appreciated the opportunity of showing who I was, much more than I could in a paper-based CV. What a great idea!”

Anon, Candidate